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In 1964, the production process we started as Guz Printing House at Cağaloğlu Himaye-i Etfal street is continuing in 2 main branches: printing and packaging.

We pursue all processes of printery, from the past to the present day with the highest quality and the most economical production concept, and serve our customers with the most innovative solutions.

We offer above-the-line designs for corporate identity designs, printed products design and packaging design to our prepress works.

From 17-25cm offset printing area to 70-100cm printing area and 90-126cm 100-140 120-160cm offset printing, we provide maximum quality printing service with high standards.

We are happy to incorporate cardboard label, woven label and coil label productions into our product range.

Our 54 years of printing experience, box & packaging production based on printing arts and craftsmanship, to our customers both in Turkey and in many countries and our B2B customers that we are partner, we offer products and services.

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The life of all of us are up to natural resources and how to use those resources in the right way. By making a balance between human and nature, We take care to ensure that our products can be recyclable.


With our sense of responsibility to nature; we re-process used and waste products to make something useful and We take care to use recycled products in some of our products.


Quality is never expensive. With years of experience in the printing and packaging industry, we strive to provide stylish and economical products to our customers by using the right material with the right design.


Thanks to our strong design team, we understand your needs correctly and offer a fast process management with this understanding in the works that we have been involved in the design process. Our sample and production stages can take priority according to your urgency. Our standard production stages are 50% faster than our competitors.


With the most reliable logistics companies in 125 countries of the world we provide service with our insured samples and production shipments.


The products we produce and our service items; We aim to meet customer expectations and requirements at the maximum level and offer them with the most economical solutions. We are committed to international quality standards and pay attention making our total quality approach sustainable.


To follow the technology in national and international printing and printing sector and lead our customers and business partners with creative and innovative solutions.


In the printing and packaging sector with above the line designs considering our responsibilities to nature, to produce quality products with our fully equipped facility for our valued customers.


As Guz Group, we produce and offer the most comprehensive products in the field of papermaking and printing. In addition to producing offset printing, foil printing and flexo printing products, we also provide service with our label, woven and textile productions. We offer our wide range of products to our esteemed customers by producing high quality packaging and luxury products that require manual labor.

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Pharmaceutical Industry





Printed Products

Business card









Offset Box

Laminated Box

Offset Laminated Corrugated Boxes

Decorative / Fantasy Boxes

Velvet Boxes

Cylinder Boxes

Heart Boxes

Wooden Boxes

Corrugated Box

Gift Wrapping

Industrial Packaging Products

PVC Products

How can we work with you ?

  • Request a Quote

    Please send technical drawing, draft or sample about the product you want to make. Write down the quantity and delivery details.

  • Get Information

    Get information about your sample request and production time and please inform.

  • Logistics

    Please inform us about the production time and delivery address and whether it will be delivered from our factory or will be shipped to your address.

  • Approval Process

    Send the sample price or production prepayment to us. Please share the receipt by mail.

  • Quality Control

    Quality control process and shipment preparation-Packing process

  • Finish

    If the sample was produced with your sample request, let us know if you have a revised request. Please specify if you would like to see a sample from the production.
    If your order is RPT, please share with us your positive and negative thoughts about our product and service when you receive it.

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